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GhostMail is your new secure email, chat and storage platform, with features like self-destructing emails and two factor login.

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Self Destructing
Email & Chat

Self Destructing

You can activate the self destruction feature, which means that your communications will be destroyed, i.e. one hour/day/week after it has been read. Gone forever.


Two-Factor Login

Our optional Two-Factor authentication requires you to login using a mobile device in conjunction with your primary password.



Data is encrypted at all times. Because data is encrypted at all times, risk of conventional interception is as good as gone.

Based in

Swiss Based

We are based in Switzerland and use secure Swiss SSL to ensure that communications are not tampered with by anyone.

Cloud Storage

Encrypted Storage

We offer all our users 500 MB of secure encrypted cloud storage. We call it GhostBox and what happens in GhostBox stays in GhostBox.


Server Safety

Our servers are resident in the heart of Switzerland. Your data and communications are as safe as it gets - and protected by Swiss laws.

Zero Access
To Your Data

Zero Data Access

We can never read your encrypted data. You control your data and messages, that is, if they are not already deleted.


Incognito Mode

When you sign up we don’t ask for your personal details, as we are simply not interested in any sensitive details.